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Abandoned Shopping Cart Recovery

Abandoned Shopping Cart RecoveryAt a glance
  • Automatically send a customised cart recovery mail featuring a preview of the abandoned items, encouraging customers to complete their transactions.
  • Enjoy great freedom in setting up and customising your emails:  set the delay, criteria and target customers based on their profile and purchasing history
  • Benefit from a multi-channel solution;  Mobile, tablet and desktop users that have recorded their baskets can now be incited to finish their transactions in the language of your choosing
  • Improve the effectiveness of your recovery mails by analysing the results of your recovery messages with the statistics available to you in your back office.
What's in it for you

74% of internet users abandon an e-Commerce site without finalising their purchase (SaleCycle, 2016).  Benefit from a fully customisable recovery programme readily available in your back office, and encourage your customers to complete their orders. Take advantage of the 4 key benefits of this new Oxatis feature:

Convert abandoned carts from mobile, tablet and desktop users with an automated and customisable retargeting tool

Determine your marketing strategy by selecting the distribution criteria of your automated cart recovery mails:

- The value of the abandoned cart:
for example: Set the solution to automatically send a recovery mail to a customer whose abandoned cart value exceeds £100.
Purchasing frequency: target customers based on previous purchases. For example: Set the solution to only send a recovery mail to regular users, or to new customers.
- The languages in which the recovery mails need to be sent

Encourage your customers to complete their transactions with up to 2 customised emails: 
Set the time frames for the two recovery emails
> Remind your visitor of  the items left behind with an efficient visual summary

> Add promotional codes, Free delivery or highlight your shop’s brand

Increase the conversion rate of your abandoned shopping cart recovery mails by analysing and testing your content.

> Use the test version to test your emails and different recovery scenarios.
> Use your Oxatis Back office statistics to measure the impact of your mails and readjust your message and settings accordingly:
Number of abandoned shopping carts
Number of cart recovery mails sent
Number of converted carts
- Generated revenue

Save time and increase your sales now by setting up your abandoned shopping cart recovery programme!

How to enable the shopping cart recovery?

The Abandoned Cart Recovery is already available in your back office, simply:

> Set up / customise your recovery emails in Site> email customisation>
> Enable the cart recovery feature in Marketing> Abandoned Cart Recovery
> Define your settings and test or start sending your first recovery mails

Consider monitoring your campaigns with our tracking tool [Commerce> Order tracking] and optimise your messages. A ‘How to recover abandoned shopping carts guide’ is available for you to quickly get your recovery programme up and running!

What our customers think

«After only one week of sending out cart recovery mails with the Oxatis recovery programme we have recorded a supplementary €2700 in sales! This means that the ROI of our recovery campaign exceeds 75! That is to say every euro spent makes 75 in return!»  Marco Da Cruz - Founder of

* Source :