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Estimated delivery

Provide customers with estimated delivery costs based on their basket value
    • Optimise the sales funnel and increase your conversion rate
    • Automate and customise the cart so that it reflects the selected delivery method and associated costs
    • Optimise your customer experience by building trust
  1. What's in it for you
    Build trust and increase your average basket

    Promote your delivery methods by providing a clear and thorough comparison table and use professional trust-building icons to reassure your visitors. Your customer is made aware of the total amount of his order, delivery methods are displayed and the final amount is calculated in accordance with the delivery method selected. Weight and price thresholds, as well as country restrictions, postal codes, multi-pricing etc., are taken into account in the calculation.

    Optimise your customer experience

    A dynamic cost estimate area is integrated into the order summary page before the personal information section. The information is displayed in grid format and includes short explanations regarding each delivery method: name, price, logo. The customer is immediately made aware of the price of his order, delivery costs included. With a single click, he can change delivery methods and ascertain how much the other options impact the final price.

    Promote your best prices and increase your conversion rate

    Increase your average basket value and your conversion rate! The delivery methods are immediately taken into account by the 'Estimated shipping costs' module, without any intervention on your behalf (from least to most expensive). Use the app's features to help you manage your site.

    Customers reviews

    "With Oxatis' delivery calculator, we can adapt options and fees for different customers around the globe and provide them with reassuring, customised service. These different features have allowed us to create a confidence-inspiring site with an impressive conversion rate."

    Rachel Dent - Premier Equine