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Skrill eWallet

Make Wallet Skrill available as a payment solution for your customers
Skrill eWallet
    • Over 100 payment options and 41 currencies across 200 countries to grow your sales internationally
    • Accept card, phone, and mobile payments
    • No need to comply with the PCI-DSS norm: faster, more secure, and more practical for your customers
    • Enjoy the best rates thanks to our special offer, negotiated for you by Oxatis!
  1. What's in it for you

    46% of UK consumers have failed to complete an online purchase because the merchant did not offer them their preferred payment option (source: The Guardian).
    With Skrill's eWallet, you are providing your customers with over 100 international and local payment solutions (JB, VISA, MasterCard, Amex, ELV....). A guaranteed way to boost conversions!

    A payment solution that focuses on international transactions

    - A very broad range of payment options
    - Over 41 available currencies
    - Present in over 200 countries
    Customise your payment solution: choose local or international credit cards to satisfy your targets' expectations, globally and via one unique integration!

    Simple and secure

    Skrill eWallet allows you to simplify risk management and customer path.
    Gone are the days of divulging bank details. The eWallet only requires a password: faster, easier and safer for your customers.
    Build consumer trust by using an internationally recognised brand; avoid fraud, increase margins and achieve greater profit!

    Activate Skrill eWallet now and start receiving payments, from a pool of 36 million Skrill clients.

    About Skrill

    Found in 2001, Skrill allows online money transfers. Skrill offers online payment solutions to companies and consumers to receive and make payments worldwide. The solution boasts over 35 million account holders who trust Skrill to send and receive money on their behalf across 200 countries and in 40 currencies across the globe, cheaply, safely, and without having to divulge bank details.
    Skrill solutions can be set up in one simple step, or be customised according to the needs of your business. Whoever you are and whatever means of payment you happen to prefer, you can trust Skrill to carry out safer, faster online payments. Your business can safely grow in the hands of an international payment network, comprising over 100 payment methods.