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AB Tasty

Connect your site to AB Tasty, the AI testing and customisation platform
AB Tasty
    • Learn how to improve your website for more conversions
    • Analyse the impact of different versions of a page or button
    • Enjoy a GDPR compliant integration
  1. What's in it for you
    Optimise your shopping journey

    AB Tasty has many tools: record user sessions, heat maps, user feedback, audience segmentation, and more. You can easily analyse thousands of customer journeys to implement improvement. The collected data helps businesses all over the world optimise their site’s user experience to drive more conversions.

    Increase site conversion with testing and customisation

    AB Tasty allows you to test all the elements that drive conversion such as reinsurance elements, buttons, navigation category labels, product images, the impact of strikethrough prices, etc. Deliver personalised customer journeys with advanced user segmentation.

    A GDPR compliant integration

    AB Tasty collects personal data about your visitors. The AB Tasty app connects to the Mandatory cookie notification app in which customers give their consent for using the collected data.