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Actinic Payments

100.00 €
Actinic Payments
At a glance


  • Benefit from a reliable payment solution, developed by e-Commerce experts
  • Easily activate your Actinic payments by contacting your e-Commerce expert
  • Enjoy having all your payments neatly organised in your Actinic backoffice
  • Deliver optimal user experience by adding Actinic Payments to your scale of choices.

What's in it for you
46% of UK consumers abandon their online shopping carts because the merchant did not offer them their preferred payment option (source: The Guardian).
Actinic payments is developed by Actinic experts and p
owered by CreditCall, a robust and reliable infrastructure. Actinic Payments offers the highest level of functionality of any secure Internet payment system compatible with the Actinic solution, at a highly competitive price.
You have only one backoffice for both your e-Commerce website and your payment processing: refund, void and commit pre-authorised payments from your Actinic backoffice. You can now use the extra time developing your online business!

Key features
> Quickly start taking payments :
All you need is a merchant account number that can be used for Internet payments. Once your account is opened and all necessary information provided, we set up Actinic Payments for your website.
> Protect yourself and your clients:
Actinic Payments is 100% PCI-DSS level 1 compliant, offers a sophisticated fraud screening service by The 3rd Man, as well as 3D Secure (Verified by Visa andMasterCard SecureCode), AVS for verifying a customer billing address and CVV2(the 3-digit card verification number).
> Save time with order processing:
With Actinic Payments, you can void orders, refund clients when necessary right from Actinic back office.

Activating the Actinic Payments
To activate Actinic Payments, please call your e-Commerce expert on 0845 129 4800.

User Review

"Creating a confidence-inspiring environment from product pages all the way through to shipping and payment options is not only possible but easy with Actinic, and has really paid off. Our conversion rate is three times that of the average e-Commerce site, and regularly exceeds 7%" 
- Clive Davies - Premier Equine