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Amazon MarketPlace Manager

Amazon MarketPlace Manager  At a glance
  • Export your product catalogue to the leading marketplace platform!
  • Increase your visibility and coversion rate
  • Manage orders and stock directly from your Oxatis back office

What's in it for you

Exporting your catalogue to Amazon Marketplace is a key move to increase visibility, attract qualified traffic and boost your sales revenue. Amazon Marketplace sellers in the UK processed roughly 400 million orders between August 2014 and August 2015 (Source: Computer Weekly).



Easily manage your products, orders and stock
Whether the products are added directly from the Amazon administration area or from external feed management software, Oxatis will load all confirmed orders coming from Amazon to your Oxatis back office ensuring automatic synchronisation of orders and stock!

Sell on the world’s largest marketplace
By publishing your products on Amazon your brand gets a huge visibility boost! By publishing on this enormous marketplace, you are taking the first steps towards going international. The economic model of the Amazon market place is a safe start. You only pay commission if and when a sale takes place!

Optimise profitability
Promote your products using keyword-rich ads and attract new buyers! You can track the performance of your campaigns by analysing the profitability of your various articles. See for yourself the return on investment of every penny.

How to activate the Amazon MarketPlace Manager
  • Open an Amazon seller account and receive a seller username
  • Insert your seller ID into your Oxatis back office
  • Export the items of your choice to Amazon
User Reviews

«The results exceeded our expectations; sales via eBay and Amazon are outstanding!»

Arnaud Gaston- Skis-discount

«Market places (Amazon, Cdiscount, PriceMinister, and eBay) and price comparison sites (Google Shopping and Leguide) add significantly to our monthly sales revenue! The quick catalogue export feature, via specific category or item-type selections, is a precious asset that helps us grow our sales via these channels. The segmentation facilitates the publication of items which we price lower than our competition. The visits and orders' tracking tool helps identify at a glance those items that are doing well and those that are not, so that we can adjust our offer and increase our profits.» ric Silici – SportOutdoorShop


About Amazon

Amazon is an American company set up by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Amazon's UK subsidiary was launched in 1998. At the beginning, Amazon specialised in the sale of books. Gradually, other cultural goods were integrated (CD, DVD), as were electronics (LCD televisions), computers, photography equipment, household appliances, clothes, interior design & decoration items.... Amazon has established itself as the benchmark for e-Commerce sites.