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39.00 €
In short
  • Improve your customer acquisition campaigns
  • Create a unique user experience for every visitor
  • Comply with GDPR legislation
Customer acquisition
With AntVoice technology, your campaigns will attract a large majority of new customers. Show your ads only to people with real intent to buy your products. With a cost-per-click model, you are in control of the performance of your different ads.

Turn your visitors into buyers
With its simple and intuitive interface, AntVoice allows you to set up a shopping journey that takes into account the considerations of your users while respecting your business rules. You accompany your visitors throughout their buying journey and offer them a unique experience according to the context of navigation.

Analyse the intentions of each customer

Thanks to accurate behavioural analysis, complex mathematical models and a sophisticated machine learning system, AntVoice is able to detect the expectations and future actions of your visitors. The app is also compliant with the latest GDPR standards so your customers can maintain control over their data.



How to activate the AntVoice app *?

1. Log in to your Oxatis back office

2. Click"Buy" and the app installs automatically

3. To take advantage of AntVoice's services, you must have an account with AntVoice

* In order for the app to work properly in compliance with the GDPR, you must already have the "Mandatory Cookie Notification " app installed.

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