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Currency picker

239.00 €
Currency pickerAt a glance
  • Allow your customers to select the currency on your site
  • Manage your prices independently
  • Improve your website and mobile shop
What's in it for you

 Cross-border online sales are up by 25% per year. International e-commerce is twice as fast as that of domestic e-Commerce (DHL consulting firm). Activate the Currency picker app now to expand your e-commerce activity internationally!

Display prices on your site in line with your customers’ needs

Let your customers choose the currency in which they want to display theprices of your products! Once the currency has been selected, all prices on thesite change immediately. To ensure accuracy, the exchange rate is updated 4 times a day.


Embark on international markets

Proposing your prices in several currencies is a mandatory step in taking your business abroad. Facilitate your customers' purchasing experience: They will appreciate being able to consult your prices in a familiar currency and will move more quickly towards the purchase!

All transactions are made in your default currency

With the currency picker, your customers see your prices in their desired currency, but when the purchase is made, the transaction will be made in your default currency, keeping your administration simple and organised. Because the currency rates on your site get updated 4 times a day, your customers feel confident in placing the order.

How to activate the 'Currency picker' App

1. Log in to your Oxatis back office

2. Go to the App Store and click on the 'Buy' button.

3. Choose the currencies to display on your site