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79.00 €
In short
  • Easily insert partner Tags
  • Smooth Tag management
  • Comply with GDPR legislation
Easily manage your tags
Save time by adding or removing a tag yourself. You free yourself from technical constraints. In addition, the Effinity Master Tag is asynchronous, it does not slow down the page load time of your site.

Go further with the Effinity Master Tag
Effinity offers several subscription levels to go further in tracking customers and products. The Master Tag with Scenarii allows to program the use of third-party tags. For example: retarget only your new visitors. The Master Tag with multipoint tracking gives information on all the different sources that contributed to a finalised purchase. The tracking of engagement shows you if the ad has brought a new visitor or if it allowed to close a sale. Direct and assisted sales show if the buyer has come directly via the partner website or if he has gone through another paid channel.

Comply with the GDPR
Effinity Master Tag collects personal data about your visitors. The app has been developed to comply with the GDPR. You make sure to respect the legislation in force and you are clear about the information collected on your visitors.

How to activate the Effinity Master Tag app* ?
1. Log in to your Oxatis back office
2. Click "Buy", the app installs automatically
3. To take advantage of Effinity's Master Tag services, you must subscribe to an Effinity Master Tag acount
*In order for the app to work properly in compliance with the GDPR, you must already have the "Mandatory Cookie notification" app.