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Email verification

Immediately check the validity of your customerís email address when creating their account
Email verification
  1. The Email Verification app saves you precious time.

    Thanks to this app, you can greatly reduce your customersí input errors. One dot too many, or a typing error and your customers no longer receive your notifications. The app provides your customers with an immediate correction that limits their SAV exchanges.

    The app corrects the following things in your customersí emails:

    • The most common domain names (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail)
    • Multiple dots
    • Spaces and commas
    • Double or last character @ signs
  2. With the Email Verification app, you:

    • Reduce customer dissatisfaction: input errors are a source of dissatisfaction. Making a mistake with their email means itís impossible to recover a forgotten password, to receive their notifications, to access their order history. The app helps your customers detect errors and suggests the best correction. So will no longer be!
    • Simplify customer exchanges for your customers: you need to talk to your customers to handle questions about their orders or provide a personalised follow-up. A reliable email address
    • Improve your email database with reliable data: whether itís to use the "Chase shopping cartsĒ feature or to set up newsletters, you need reliable data that allows you to communicate directly with your customers.