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Email verification

Check your customers’ email addresses are valid as soon as they create an account
Email verification
    • Ensure email address consistency in your database
    • Improve the user experience for your desktop and mobile shop
    • Increase the delivery rate of your emailing campaigns
  1. What's in it for you
    Enhance your customers' browsing experience

    The Email verification app proposes the user a corrected email address, speeding up the checkout process and efficiently driving your conversion rate to new heights.

    Increase the quality of your user database

    Thanks to the automatic correction of the domain name and extensions, your user database remains up to date, improving the delivery rate when you send out your newsletters.

    Mobile site compatible

    In December 2016, nearly 54% of purchases online in the UK were made on mobile devices! (Business insider) To meet this growing demand, the mail check app is automatically compatible with the mobile version of your site.