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Facebook Pixel

Connect your site and use targeted adverts for your visitors on Facebook
Facebook Pixel
    • Target the right visitors
    • Convert more with well-targeted marketing campaigns
    • Accurately measure the impact of your ads
  1. What's in it for you
    Measure the results of your ads

    Facebook Pixel is a traffic analysis tool. It allows you to followseveral types of events on your site. With this tool, you view conversions andoptimise your ads according to the goals you have set.

    Target the right audience

    With Facebook Pixel, you reach people who have viewed a page on site or have taken action. You can also, through re-marketing, segment prospective audiences to reach those people who have a similar profile to your best customers.

    Comply with European law

    Although it collects information and data on your visitors, it is completely GDPR compliant. Your customers know you take their privacy seriously and trust your online business.