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Focus checkout pages

Encourage purchases with the checkout tunnel which channels customers towards a sale
Focus checkout pages
    • Streamline the purchasing journey
    • Unnecessary distractions are no longer visible
    • Remove the risk that users accidentally leave the checkout
  1. What's in it for you
    Reduce distractions

    Optimise the last steps towards payment with the focus checkout pages app. Once activated, the horizontal menu disappears from these pages so thaty our customer can concentrate exclusively on the validation of his shopping cart without any further distractions.

    Increase your conversion rate

    A MECLABS study revealed that enclosed checkouts, efficiently reducing friction points and avoiding decision making fatigue, can increase the checkout completion rate by 10% and revenues by 19%. . Just by increasing the customer’s decision-making ability you keep your pages focused and remove any elements that stop visitors from completing their purchase journey on your site.

    Apply successful methods of e-Commerce leaders

    Enclosed buying funnels are key to the success of many e-Commerce sites. Globally leading marketplaces such as Amazon have already adopted this practice with great success for several years.