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Free Delivery

Tell your customers how much more they need to spend to receive free delivery
    • Configure a threshold basket value above which delivery is free of charge
    • Reassure the customer by keeping him informed regarding delivery costs
    • Encourage the customer to add items to the basket in order to enjoy free delivery
  1. What's in it for you
    Reduce your cart abandonment rate: determine fixed delivery costs

    8 out of 10 consumers would shop more online if offered free shipping (eConsultancy). Offering free shipping has an enormous impact on e-Commerce sales. But how many items does the customer need to purchase in order for the free delivery system to generate sales revenue? Calculate your margins and fix a threshold which will allow you to attract customers you would not otherwise be able to reach. Think of making up for a reduced margin by adjusting your marketing budget.

    Increase the value of your average basket: promote your special offer on your site

    In 2015, 51% of UK online retailers offered free standard delivery over a given order value threshold (Statista). "Spend an extra £xx and qualify for free delivery." One line that informs the buyer (at the basket stage) that he could enjoy free delivery by increasing the value of his basket. This impressive marketing tool leads the buyer to feel that he will save money by buying more. Think of using this formidable strategy to set a free-delivery threshold that is greater than the value of your average basket.

    Delivery marketing: accelerate your conversions

    Over 90% of UK consumers agree that free delivery was one of the most important features of an e-Commerce website (Statista). If you have an Adwords budget, broadcasting your free delivery offer is one of the most powerful marketing strategies to generate traffic and extra sales revenue. Every one of your newsletters must include this trust-building element.