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Google Analytics / Tag Manager

39.00 €
Google Analytics / Tag ManagerAt a glance
  • Manage all your tags from one centralised app
  • Analyse the impact of your marketing strategies
  • Adopt new tools quickly
What's in it for you

In this highly competitive field of e-Commerce, understanding the behaviour of your customers and visitors has become crucial for any successful online shop: 40% of marketers have difficulties to prove the ROI of their marketing campaigns (Hubspot, 2018). Thanks to the Google Tag Manager Apps it's possible, quick and easy!

Choose an easy-to-use tool
Google Tag Manager is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool. Add or edit tags in a few clicks and view your changes before publishing. The publication of changes is almost immediate on your website.

Full freedom in customising your tag triggers
With triggers from Google Tag Manager, you can easily choose the pages on which your tags will be activated. Develop new strategies based on events, your visitors location, etc.

Integrate other tag templates
Google Tag Manager is compatible with marketing tags from Google and many third-party publishers (ComScore, Criteo, CrazyEgg, etc.). Set up and quickly configure new tools. You can integrate HTML tags and custom Javascripts just as efficiently.

Activating the Google Tag Manager:

1. Create a Google Tag Manager account (free)
2. Log in to your Oxatis back office
3. Go to the App store and click on the "Buy" button


About Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that allows you to add and manage tags or code snippets on your website. Once you add the app to your website, you'll be able to set tags through the Google Tag Manager interface without having to change your site's code. You reduce the risk of error and can make changes to your tags without the need for technical knowledge.