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Google Shopping SmartFeeds

Google Shopping SmartFeedsAt a glance
  • Export your product catalogue to the world's leading price-comparison search engine
  • Generate an extra 10% in sales straight away!
  • Manage your orders and your stocks directly from your Oxatis admin space

What's in it for you
With a 85.74%* share in the UK search engine market, Google is a major conversion lever, and Google Shopping is an indispensable means for achieving online sales. 


Increased visibility
In order to help you improve item visibility and attract sales-generating qualified traffic to your store, Oxatis has developed a specific export that meets Google Shopping's requirements and that all Oxatis e-sellers will find easy to use.

Improve your ROI with advanced metrics

With a precisestatistical tool, Google Shopping SmartFeeds lets you assess the performance ofyour products at a glance from your Oxatis back office administration area andoptimise your ROI on Google Shopping by activating / deactivating a product in one simple click.

Benefit from a free and performant export tool
You can enjoy Google Shopping SmartFeeds for free. The feature that allows you to export your catalogue to Google is included in your subscription, at no extra charge. Oxatis does not take a commission on adverts published on Google Shopping. Google establishes a CPC (cost-per-click) invoice, as for Google Adwords.

Activating Google Shopping SmartFeeds
1. Setup your connected GoogleAdwords and Google Merchant Centre account
2. With your login and password, you now setup your SmartFeed from the Oxatis back office
3. Select your items and map your categories with the categories proposed by Google Shopping straight from your back office

About Google Shopping
Google Shopping is a Google-run search engine dedicated to shopping. It was launched in the UK in 2013. Exporting items to Google Shopping started out as a free service, but progressed to a CPC (cost-per-click) system, similar to Google Adwords. Given Google's 85.74%* share in the UK's search engine market, Google Shopping enjoys unrivalled visibility (*Statista 2017).

Customer reviews
"With Oxatis Marketplace Manager and SmartFeeds it’s easy: our stock is automatically synchronised and we manage everything directly from our back office. We sell Brolliesgalore products on eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping"
Christine Naysmith - Brolliesgalore

"Google Shopping represents 45% of our sales volume"

Alfonso García Jiménez - Confortonline

"Sales generated by price comparison sites are displayed in acomprehensive table in the back office which measures the profitability of thesales channel for each product. A very effective way of managing our metricsthat allows us to strengthen our position on the most profitable products anddevelop both our revenue and our profit margins.

Flavian Quibel - Robot-Shop 35