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Google Translate

Offer the quick translation of your website into over 15 languages!
Google Translate
    • Internationalise your business with ease
    • Reach more new customers
    • Improve your customers shopping experience
    • Increase yourconversion rate
  1. What's in it for you

    The UK is the 3rdmost popular destination for online shopping with 71% of online merchantsoffering delivery outside of the UK (Paypers,2019). Attract more new customers andmore sales by increasing your international reach with the Google TranslateApp.

    Develop your site internationally

    Could your product appealto overseas markets? The Google Translate App allows you to translate your siteinto more than 15 languages*. It opensthe doors to new markets and new development opportunities.

    Improve your international visitors' shoppingexperience

    The Google TranslateApp offers a complete translation of your entire site in a few clicks. Visitorsto your site can instantly change thesite language from English to their own native language. That means visitorsare more likely to become customers as they engage with the site in thelanguage that is most convenient to them.

    Boost your sales

    With the GoogleTranslate App, you make your site accessible to as many people as possible.Thanks to the complete translation of your site (menus, product descriptions,shopping cart, etc.), your overseas customers will no longer hesitate in placing an order which means the number ofshopping sessions resulting in a purchase can only increase!

    About Google Translate

    Google Translate is atranslation tool developed by Google. It is used by more than 500 millionpeople every day to translate all types of documents, websites, and many more.This translation solution uses the machine learning to best translate contentand maintain the meaning of the transformed text.

    *French, English, Spanishe, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Dannish, Finnish, Norvegian, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Chinese, Japanese, Arab, Zulu