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Inc. VAT or Ex. VAT price display

19.00 €
Inc. VAT or Ex. VAT price display
At a glance
  • Convert with precise and accurate pricing
  • Enhance your customers’ user experience
  • Increase mobile sales
What's in it for you
Inform your customers and convert more
At least one third of cart abandonments are due to a lack of information on the product they were interested in (2017, Shotfarm). Inform your customers on the exact price and convert more.

Offer a personalised shopping experience

The price display is dynamic. It adapts in real time to the user who consults your site. If you offer prices without taxes for B2B customers, the app will display subtotal prices once they have connected to their accounts, while the regular customers will continue to see prices as before.

Enjoy full integration
Your new application has been specially developed for the Oxatis platform. It is perfectly integrated with your e-Commerce site, the previous Apps you installed and 100% compatible with the mobile version of your e-Commerce.

How to activate the ' Inc. VAT or Ex. VAT price display' app?
1. Log in to your back office
2. Go to the App Store and click the 'Buy' button.
3. Set up your app for the website and for your mobile site
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