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Mailjet - Newsletters

Create and send newsletters directly from your back office
Mailjet - Newsletters
    • An easy to use, high-performance tool to manage your emailing campaigns: newsletters, personalised messages, integrated landing page.....
    • Favoured by the greats: MIT, Tag Heuer,...
    • Craft more impressive messages, generate more qualified traffic, and increase your immediate sales
    • Take advantage of our special offer, available to Oxatis clients only: only £0.007 per email sent
  1. What's in it for you

    Email campaigns are the solution when it comes to acquiring new customers; emailing is the most efficient and least expensive marketing tool, allowing you to grow your sales and retain customers. Increase your sales revenue with Mailjet, Oxatis' new partner. Whether you are conquering new customers, following up with prospects, or working on customer loyalty, your ROI can reach 4300%! (Direct Marketing Association).

    By choosing Mailjet to manage your email campaigns and boost your sales conversions, you are in step with the greatest (MIT, TagHeuer, Radisson....)!

    Optimise your emailing campaigns: increase your sales revenue

    Enjoy an advanced filtering system, helping you send personalised emails and implement targeted actions: mobile optimised emails, promotional campaigns aimed at acquiring new customers, promotional campaigns aimed at customer retention (discounts and additional sales)

    Personalise your email campaigns: even better results

    In addition to possessing a wealth of unique features, Mailjet offers outstanding performances in terms of personalising your newsletters:
    - Only recommend products you have in stock
    - Personalise your subject lines, insert special characters; Stand out!

    Save campaign-scheduling time

    Take advantage of Mailjet's powerful piloting services implying fast, safe email dispatching and an optimal deliverability rate. Manage your campaigns easily:
    - Receive your tests in less than 3 minutes
    - Send your final campaigns at the programmed dispatch time without experiencing any routing delays
    - Consult your statistics at a glance, improve your campaigns and your ROI

    No technical skills are required: create emails via a simple drag-and-drop process. Start using Mailjet now to send your clients personalised content and boost your sales revenue!

    About Mailjet

    Founded in 2010, Mailjet is the French leader in transactional (orders, invoices...) and marketing (newsletters, special offers.....) emailing. Every month, Mailjet sends 600 million emails across the globe.

    «We remain, above all, a platform for sending transactional and marketing emails. We are however developing certain features that will for example allow users to automatically tailor transactional emails to their recipients.» - Alexis Renard, CEO Mailjet

    Mailjet has set out to help companies remove obstacles to conversion, using intelligent and collective data, emails, personalisation and push messages sent to all types of devices, and all from one powerful platform. Mailjet gives companies the means to influence their customers' paths by communicating with them and implicating them at every key contact moment.

    Customers reviews

    "Our sales revenue doubled within two days of having sent our newsletters!"

    Célia Zwiller - Direct-siege

    "To keep in touch with our clients, we send out a newsletter twice a month, highlighting our new products and promotions. The impact is significant, 5 days after sending we’ve doubled our sales!"

    Emilie Desportes - Candlestore