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Connect your site to email marketing solution MailKitchen
    • Add and manage contacts quickly
    • Send your mailing campaigns in a few clicks
    • Analyse campaign performance
  1. What's in it for you
    Easily add and manage contacts

    Add contacts manually or import your contacts. The MailKitchen platform pre-qualifies your contact addresses, which increases your campaign's delivery rate.

    Drive your emailing campaigns with precision

    Once your email has been created, a few clicks are enough to send it off. Your campaign requires only an object and an email address so that your contacts can identify you when they receive your message. You can opt for an immediate dispatch, or program it to be sent at a specific time.

    Optimise your marketing strategy with detailed statistics

    After sending your campaigns, you will have a clear view of its performance: open rate, clicks, conversions, etc. You get a complete overview of your mailing campaigns. With the Oxatis Mailkitchen app - compliant with the latest GDPR standards - visitors are free to choose whether they want to share their data.