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New Mobile Website

New Mobile Website
At a glance
With the new mobile version, you immediately benefit from an operational mobile website packed with innovative features:
  • A powerful mobile website, designed to deliver smooth mobile navigation
  • An easy to customise smartskins template
  • Optimised cart management
  • Fast and efficient navigation
  • Improved product pages, designed to inform and sell
  • Efficient SEO management impacting global online visibility

What's in it for you 
The m-commerce market represents a major challenge for online retailers: 37% of online shoppers have made at least one purchase on their mobile in 2015 and mobile sales are expected to grow 44% in 2016 ( RetailMeNot). Take advantage of the potential of M-Commerce and activate the new mobile version of your site now!

4 advantages of the mobile version:

1. Increased performance with over 30 new features that boost your sales!
  • Optimised shopping cart management: delivery methods and mobile friendly payment methods such as Mango oneclick.
  • Fast and efficient navigation: faceted filter and predictive search bar
  • Improved product pages: dynamic price display with barred prices, quantity box and customer reviews and an improved cross-selling display.

2. Boost your sales by generating more traffic.
Address a broader audience by ensuring your presence in all media: tablet, PC and mobile.
An effective way to generate more traffic and optimise your visibility as Google now takes in account your website's mobile friendliness. The new mobile version makes sure your customers find what they need fast and easily.

3. Deliver the best mobile user experience with a customisable design.
After activating your new mobile version, click on site designs and choose the mobile template. You can now set up your mobile site to your convenience.

  • You get your ready to use mobile site design for free!
  • You can customise this design to suit your image:
    • change the colours, fonts, and icons in just a few clicks
    • personalise your logo, the page content and the footer
    • preview changes
Note: You can manage your design per language.

4. Optimise customer experience by offering optimal navigation.
With a touch and swipe optimised drawer menu and infinite scroll pages, faceted navigation and a predictive search bar, your visitors effortlessly browse your catalogue displaying comprehensive and efficient product sheets.

Activating the new Oxatis Mobile Store
Activate your mobile store by clicking on the [Configuration / Mobile site] and check the "Enable mobile version."
You have now two options:
- If it’s the first time you activate the mobile version you select: Activate the new mobile version.
- If you’re already using the mobile version than choose:  Activate my new mobile version.

After activating your new mobile version, click on site designs and choose the mobile template. The new version automatically recuperates your previously set up custom pages and your payment and delivery preferences.

With the new HTML blocks available, you are now able to custom create your page footer.

User reviews

"Our new mobile website now accounts for 38% of our total orders!” Clive Davies - Managing Director, Premier Equine

" Having a mobile website that is designed to convert has become an essential part of our online business as our mobile website has allowed us to increase our turnover by 14%!" Christine Naysmith - Managing Director, Brolliesgalore

 " 10% of our orders are placed on mobile devices. The new Oxatis mobile version is expected to help grow our business even further!"  Austin Lee - Managing Director, Faye