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Newsletter Subscription

Persuade your customers to subscribe to your newsletter by customising your registration field
Newsletter Subscription
    • Customise your NewsletterApp easily
    • Collect new customer contacts
    • Develop your loyalty strategy
  1. What's in it for you

    Makes it easier tosell to people who already know your brand or already visited your website. Theconversion rate of traffic from email campaigns is more than 5% (Compass, 2018)making emailing the best conversion channel.

    With the App -Newsletter subscription, simply collect your customers' email addresses foryour future marketing campaigns.

    Customise the display of your App

    Your App can be positioned where you think itis most relevant. Whether at the top of the site, at the bottom of the page, asa pop-up or in a custom page. You can also add a text highlighting apromotional code to encourage your visitors to register!

    Populate your customer database

    The Newsletter Subscription App allows yourcustomers to subscribe to your newsletter in a few seconds. All they need do isenter their email address and click on the registration button. A confirmationmessage and an account creation message will then be sent to them.

    Focus on your marketing strategies

    The Newsletter Subscription App can be thefirst building block in developing your loyalty strategy. People registered toyour newsletter will be more receptive to promotional messages and offers.Ultimately as their loyalty grows and they become advocates they will bring moreand more new visitors to your site.