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NexTagAt a glance
  • Exposure to highly qualified traffic, with over 2 million unique visitors
  • Simple, speedy activation: record your first sales within 48 hours!
  • Make the most of NexTag's campaign monitoring tool and customer survey programs
  • Manage your business out of your Oxatis admin space
What's in it for you
Boasting 2 million unique guests per month and an excellent conversion rate, NexTag allows you to increase qualified traffic and sales.

This price comparison genius allows you to enjoy two completely configurable tools, to develop your activity at no extra cost.
 - Optimisation tool to follow your performance in real time and fuel your campaign according to your objectives.
 - A survey and customer review program to help you make a name for your company and gain recognition.

You also get to manage your business centrally, straight form your Oxatis admin space, out of which you can drive your business, assess your performances and improve your ROI.

Your NexTag registration is fast, easy and commitment free: create a client account in just 5 minutes and start selling within 48 hours via the NexTag catalogue export application. You will be charged according to an attractive CPC (cost-per-click) price list. To see the list, click HERE

Special offer for Oxatis customers: £25 of free clicks for an account credited with at least £75 to help you launch your NexTag campaign! To see the special offer, click HERE

Activating NexTag
 - Click HERE to activate your online account.
 - Export your catalogue.
 - Activate the NexTag application from your Oxatis admin space.

About Nextag
Founded in 1999, NexTag attracts 2 million unique guests per month and generates highly qualified traffic. NexTag guarantees a quality customer experience allowing you to satisfy buyers and thereby considerably increase your sales' volumes and ROI. NexTag operates price comparison shopping websites in France, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Japan.