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Option Variation Display

Display all product versions on the same item page
Option Variation Display
    • Display all the different product variations in one place
    • Simplify decision making
    • Generate extra revenue
  1. What's in it for you

    73% of Internet users leave an e-commerce site after 2 minutes if they do not find what they are looking for (Afnic, 2018). Simplify the display of your catalogue and save your visitors time to increase your sales!

    Group all the variants of your article on a single product sheet

    The "Display Product Variations" app allows you to centralise the variants of your products on the same product page. This centralisation of information allows you to display a light and clear catalogue to save your customers time when shopping on your site.

    Improve your visitors' shopping experience

    With simplified navigation, your visitors enjoy a faster and more intuitive shopping experience. The "Display declination list" app allows your customers to add several products to their shopping cart at the same time while choosing the desired quantities in a few clicks.

    Boost your Sales

    64% of people say they are ready to abandon a brand following a bad customer experience (Smart-tribune, 2019). The "Display Product Variations" app makes the shopping experience easier and more fluid and simplifies the experience, while saving your visitors valuable minutes of navigation. These two factors combined can only lead to one thing: a considerable increase in your number of sales!