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Pop-up alert

Inform visitors of the conditions for accessing your site (age, specific target group etc.)
Pop-up alert
    • A simple way to filter access to your shop
    • Add new reinsurance elements to your site
    • Customise the display of your Apps according to your desires
  1. What's in it for you

    The Pop-up warning (or disclaimer) is a pop-up that is displayed on an entire page. It is impossible to miss and ensures that the message communicated is seen by all visitors to a site.

    Filter your visitors according to their age

    Do you sell regulated products? Make sure your customers are of legal age to access your site with the Pop-up warning App. Post a prevention message with a birth date check, comply with the various laws in force to sell online with peace of mind.

    Give more information about your activity

    Add a warning pop-up when you open your site to communicate important messages about your activity to all your visitors. Departure on holiday, special conditions of sale or delivery, etc. Reassure them and gain their confidence in the first few seconds of their journey.

    Adapt your pop-up to the message delivered

    Customise the appearance of your pop-up according to the message you send, the time of year, etc. Display a unified design throughout your site. You have control over the visual of your Pop-up warning App, both on your desktop and mobile devices.