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Pop-up notification

Circulate your various messages and promotions using an automatic pop-up window
Pop-up notification
    • Circulate your different messages and promotions to your customers effectively
    • Boost the conversion of your marketing operations
    • Create a differentiated shopping experience by device
  1. What's in it for you

    With the Pop-up Notification Apps, animate your visitors, increase their loyalty and increase your conversion rate with an optimized marketing strategy.

    A new lease of life for your emailings

    Using a pop-up can increase the number of subscribers to your newsletters by more than 1000 % (Crazyegg, 2018). This is not a negligible figure when we know that email communications continue to have an average opening rate of 20% (Ecommerce Nation, 2017). With the notification Pop-up Apps, simply engage your visitors and retain them effectively with your marketing newsletters.

    Optimized marketing operations

    Highlight your promotional activities to considerably increase your conversion rate. A relevant commercial pop-up can generate a 10% conversion, some can even reach 50% (Sumo, 2019). Thanks to our Apps, the impact of your sales operations, etc. is multiplied tenfold!

    At the right place, at the right time

    In addition to its message, the secrets of a successful pop-up lie in its design and behaviour. With the Oxatis notification pop-up, you have total control over the content and its display, whether it's on the desktop or on your mobile phone. You also optimize the triggering of your pop-up in order to display it at the point in the shopping cart where your customer is most likely to click on it.