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Preiskel&Co – GTCs Pack

Protect your business with Preiskel&Co's General Terms and Conditions of Sale
Preiskel&Co – GTCs Pack
    • Benefit from the services of a team of lawyers specialised in advanced technologies
    • Ensure your website complies with the most recent law changes
    • Professionally redacted documents to impress your customers / visitors and earn their trust
    • Take advantage of our exclusive offer, only available to Oxatis customers
  1. What's in it for you

    By choosing Preiskel&Co, you will enjoy the benefits of a complete pack that guarantees your business operates within the law, whilst ensuring a secure framework within which to develop your activity.

    Standard Customer Terms and Conditions of Sale adapted to your business sector

    Standard Terms and Conditions for either the sale of goods, digital content or services for £900 instead of £1,200. These Ts&Cs would probably need to be tailored to suit your business. If your business requires tailored T&Cs,you will receive a separate quote.

    Cookies policy

    You would require a standalone cookies policy and a cookies banner or a pop up to comply with the current legislation.

    Website Terms & Conditions

    Preiskel&Co provides standard General Terms and Conditions which govern the use of the website by people browsing the website that have not agreed to purchase or sign up to the Customer Ts&Cs.

    Start reaping the benefits of our exclusive offer now, only for Oxatis customers!

    About Preiskel&Co

    Preiskel&Co is the first international network of lawyers specialised in advanced technology law. The network currently comprises of 22 firms located in 25 countries spread across Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia. Lexing's United Kingdom branch provides business, technology and legal consultancy services to clients operating in the corporate sector. Lexing also collaborates with other generalist firms located all around the world.