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Promotional banner

Highlight your promotional offers and programme how they are displayed (header/footer, length, time)
Promotional banner
    • Easily customise your banner
    • Program the start and end-date of your banner’s display
    • Add a call-to-action button for more conversions
  1. What's in it for you

    A recent Loyaltic study (2017) found that 51% of customers visiting an e-Commerce site are more likely to spend their money on a promotional offer. Benefit from the power of the Promotional banner to encourage your customers to add more products to their cart!

    Your promotional actions are clearly visible

    Publish your promotions, special offers, news, flash sales, etc. with a banner displaying at the top or bottom of the screen. Take the opportunity to clear stock, announce a special sale, offer "Free shipping this weekend”, share a discount code etc.

    Retain customers as soon as they land on your site

    An attractive promotional offer will keep your customers on your site, increase the click-through rate and eventually increase the AOV.

    Communicate effectively with your customers

    Banners are not only effective for growing your sales, they also allow you to interact with your customers and improve conversions when they are well designed. Enjoy the flexibility of your promotional banner to achieve your goals: adapt the message to your customers, insert a custom page, add an image or the logo of your site.