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Shopping satisfaction

Shopping satisfaction At a glance
  • Make the most of authentic, verified customer reviews
  • Reassure customers to achieve sales and increase your conversion rate
  • Study customer feedback to improve your results at every level
  • Posting new content improves your natural referencing and the effectiveness of your advertisements, thereby enhancing your visibility, traffic, and sales


What's in it for you
Customer reviews are pivotal when it comes to the way users buy: 88% of UK consumers consult reviews before making a purchase (eConsultancy).

Shopping Satisfaction puts authentic and verified customer reviews at your disposal so you can reassure your guests regarding the quality of your products and services. 
Creating a trustworthy context generates sales and increases your conversion rate.

Customer reviews come with detailed statistics allowing you to measure customer feedback and optimise your procedures accordingly (delivery, product and supplier quality,....) leading to an improved performance.

using Shopping Satisfaction generates new content - something search engines can't get enough of - thereby leading to enhanced natural referencing and more efficient advertisements. Google has shown that product sheets that highlight customer reviews enjoy a +17% click rate!

Activating Shopping Satisfaction is free and easy. You configure the parameters that trigger customer review requests (order confirmation stage, order receipt, quantity of items, basket value.....), straight from your Oxatis admin space.

Your Oxatis subscription allows you to send up to 10 customer review requests per month. Subscribe for just 20£/month excl. tax, and enjoy sending unlimited amounts of requests!

Install Shopping Satisfaction now, and use authentic, verified customer reviews to grow your sales!

Activating Shopping Satisfaction
 - Add Shopping Satisfaction to your admin space
 - Receive your first reviews

When it comes to publishing reviews, you can either:
 - publish directly to relevant product sheets and to your certification page, or
 - choose to defer publication, to have the chance to moderate the reviews. You can contact the customer in order to understand and resolve any problem prior to publication (or thank a customer for a glowing review)! A buyer who is happy with the way his problem is solved becomes a loyal customer! 

About Shopping-Satisfaction
Founded in 2013, Shopping-Satisfaction has set out to exploit authentic e-Commerce customer reviews. 
Afnor compliant
In order to guarantee neutral and authentic customer reviews, Shopping-Satisfaction has developed a NF Z74-501 compliant customer review mechanism. The NF Z74-501 standard is aimed at ensuring that online customer reviews are handled reliably.
Over 34 organisations worked together over a period of 18 months to produce rules. 
By providing a transparent notation system built upon reliable, authentic, and customer-certified assessments, Oxatis are providing customers with objective criteria with which to choose merchants, as well as a trustworthy framework within which to complete online transactions.

User Reviews
«We added Shopping Satisfaction to our site so we could start collecting genuine and certified customer reviews. It was really easy to set up and we’ve had some fantastic reviews that have boosted overall sales and we can see the difference on specific products too.»
Austin Lee - Faye

« We were advised about setting up authentic customer reviews verified via Shopping Satisfaction and it helped increase our conversion rates. We receive more than 15 reviews per week and make them visible to everyone, our reputation grew and they also help to reassure site visitors that they are safe buying with us.»

Fabien Bourly - Couteau Japonais