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Sticky Header

Set your purchasing elements (menu, shopping basket etc.) so they are accessible throughout navigation
Sticky Header
    • Fix menus and categories at the top of your screen when scrolling down
    • Your catalogue constantly available
    • Select the pages that display a sticky header
  1. What's in it for you

    Fixing your header means it stays available to your visitors and customers while they scroll down to browse your products or content.

    Deliver the best user experience

    Easy access to the important elements of your site and the speed with which they can be accessed are factors that contribute to a successful customer experience. The Sticky Header app is an effective tool for an optimal browsing experience.

    Quick and easy access to the shopping cart

    With the Sticky Header app, your customers can easily navigate your menus and are encouraged to stay on your site and convert. A constant reminder of the shopping cart at the top of the screen gives customers better visibility on their own buying journey.

    A catalogue that is always visible

    The sticky header follows your customer to the bottom of your pages, allowing for them to see where on your site they are and which products you sell. Customers that have had a positive experience on your site and are satisfied with the ease of use are more likely to return!