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Store Locator

1.00 €
Store Locator
At a glance
  • Display your retail outlets in the UK and abroad
  • Include geotagged information on your store listings
  • Detail store opening and closing times
Advantages for you
Enhance customer experience
86% of consumers use the Internet to find a local business (WebVisible survey). By installing the Store Locator App, you can provide specific information (times, address, contacts) regarding the shop closest to the user. Optimise the shopping experience for your customers!

Create traffic on your website and in your store
The Store Locator App is the digital showcase for your store network. It uses the traffic from your e-Commerce sites to turn your Internet users to customers in your stores. On their mobile, they can geolocate your store in Google Maps and go straight there.

Build trust, and establish a close relationship with your customers
A visualisation of your physical stores and outlets reassures your online customers, who know they have a physical store near their home if needed. The App improves the conversion rate for your e-Commerce site. The reliable and accurate information in your point-of-sale descriptions allows you to create a relationship of trust and proximity with your visitors.

The Store Locator Plus App is a real strategic tool that puts you in touch with your network of existing and potential customers!

Activating the Store Locator App
To enable the application, please contact your e-Commerce advisor at 0845 129 4800