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Sticky Header
Fix your header to deliver an optimal customer experience
  • Provide fast and efficient navigation

  • Offer permanent access to the...
  • Antvoice
    Analyse purchase intentions with artificial intelligence
  • Target your next customers on the buying journey

  • Customise your customer...
  • Horizontal mobile menu scroll
    Efficient Mobile navigation
  • Horizontal category scroll for mobiles

  • Optimised user interface for small screens

  • Increased...
  • Hubspot
    Track the visitors on your pages with Hubspot
  • Know who your customers and visitors are

  • Analyse and increase the number of sessions on...
  • Estimated delivery
    43% of carts are left abandoned on a site because of high delivery costs or late costs disclosure (PayPal/ComScore study)

  • Automatic basket...
  • SalesIQ
    Use live chat to retain your customers and learn how to serve them best
  • Give your customers the opportunity to contact you via your...
  • MailKitchen
    An emailing service that is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Choose an easy-to-use emailing tool

  • Get free and automatic...
  • Apizee
    Engage with customers in real-time with an effective chat solution
  • Answer your customers' questions live

  • Increase your conversion...
  • Shopzilla
    List your products on Shopzilla and Connexity's network of price comparison sites
  • Access a network of leading brands such as Bizrate and...
  • Rakuten
    Analyze the behavior of your customers
  • Track how your customers' browse your site

  • Collect valuable marketing metrics about your web...
  • Effinity CPA
    Optimise your performance in online customer acquisition and marketing
  • Track affiliate product feeds on partner sites
  • Analyze the...
  • Promotional banner
    Highlight your promotions and special offers on your website
  • Your promotional messages clearly displayed

  • Retain visitors with...
  • Effinity-MasterTag
    Simplify and improve your retargeting marketing
  • Easily add partner tags

  • Centralise tags in one place

  • Simplify the management...
  • Product Comparison
    Offers your customers a quick and easy way to select and compare your onsite products
  • Gives your customers the opportunity to see all the...
  • Kwanko
    Track your sales and customer preferences
  • Increase your average cart with sales tracking

  • Optimise your conversions by remarketing...