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Make my site easier to browse

Shop Privatisation
Control access to your site by requiring your customers to log in
Search Results Page Personalisation
Customise your search results page exactly how you want it
Shopping cart personalization
Create bespoke pages at each step of the customer order confirmation process
Mobile contact
Customise your contact information (banner, icons, menu) on your mobile site
Product Page Sign-in
Make it possible for your customers to access your prices from the item page directly
Horizontal mobile menu scroll
Make it easy for your customers to navigate from one category to another in your listing
Sticky Header
Set your purchasing elements (menu, shopping basket etc.) so they are accessible throughout navigation
Order by SKU
Help your business customers save time by entering orders using item codes
Custom stickers
Attract attention to certain items by attaching customised stickers to product visuals
Bundle detail
Inform your customers about the composition and content of your packs in communications tailored to them individually
Image hover
Show a second product image when a customer hovers over it with their mouse (product listing)
Product colour preview
Directly display the colours your items come in on your product listing
Horizontal faceted navigation
Display your faceted filters horizontally as a header to your product listing
Customer identification
Give your business customers the option of logging in before using your site to access their corporate rates
Order steps
Show the different stages and progression of the order process
Product page tabs
Organise the descriptive elements of your product page using customisable tabs
Dual display subtotal and total
Show prices with and without tax
Inc. VAT or Ex. VAT price display
Tailor your prices to the profiles of your users: Individuals versus Businesses
Mega Menu
Make the navigation experience a pleasant one for customers to help them find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently
Quantity box
Let your clients choose how many products they add to their basket on the product page
Dynamic basket
Boost the purchasing process when a customer puts an item in their basket
My account' button
Make it easy for your clients to log in to their dedicated online personal space
Breadcrumb trail
Make it easy for your customers to retrace their steps and go back through the pages they’ve visited
Back to top' button
Make it possible to return to the top of your site with a single click
Footer menu
Organise your footer section into columns for a better navigation experience